Check the audio player at the bottom of the page and play with
    the maximize/minimize button


    Great Features


    • Continuous Playback

      When you'll change the page, the player will continue from the previous minute. Also, the volume will remain as previously set. This will ensure a smooth playback across your entire website.

    • Suitable for any website

      You can choose from the 2 skins available: back & white. Also, from parameters you can create any color scheme, having the possibility to integrate it in any design.

    • Extremly customizable

      Over 30 js options from where you can customize the plugin.

    • Multiple parameters

      Autoplay, loop, shuffle, volume control, dimensions, colors etc.

    • Set the position

      You can position the player left, center or right on the page. Also, available parameters to fine tune the position with bottom and left/right margins

    • Small Or Big on Initialization

      Parameter to load the player minimized or maximized when the page is opened.

    • Mobile Compatible

      It is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems.

    • Free Updates

      Once you've bought the product, you can download for free, from your account, all the updated versions.

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